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About Uran

Uran is a fishing village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra state. The region which is a part of Navi Mumbai is full of beautiful surroundings and landscapes. It lies on the western coast of India along the east of Mumbai across the Dharamtar creek. The fishing village of Uran has now developed into an important economic zone. The roads of Uran are bordered by greenery, mountains and rice fields during the monsoon season. The wetlands town was once the home of many species of reptiles and birds, few were also critically endangered. In the year 2009 and 2010, these wetlands were developed.

Sunrise view at a Beach in Uran

History of Uran

The town gained its named from the Hindu Goddess Uranavati. During the reign of Madhavrao I who was the fourth Peshwa of the Maratha Empire, the town was popularly known as Uruvan. However, later the region was known as Ooran by the British and Portuguese. The many dynasties that have ruled the town include Satavahana Empire, Maurya Empire, Western Kshatrapas, Chalukyas, Vakataka Empire and Yadavas. From 16th - 19th century, the whole area of Mumbai was under the rule of British and Portuguese. The town of Uran was also native to the Maratha princely states of Maharashtra. The popular Maratha Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre who fought against the European naval interests during the 18th century, picked Uran as its base.

Geography of Uran

Uran is located on the tip of a peninsula and is surrounded by sea on three sides. The centrally located town of Uran on the peninsula, surrounded by Karanja village towards the south and Mora village and port lies to the north. The town is located at a height of 69 feet above the sea level. The geographical coordinate of Uran is at 18.88°N latitude and 72.94°E longitude.

Climate of Uran

Uran has a tropical climate. According to Koppen - Geiger system, Uran receives rainfall almost throughout the year. The dry months are quite short and have little effect. The average precipitation annually is around 2664 mm while the average temperature of the town is 26.8 °C. The maximum amount of rainfall occurs in the month of July with about 965 mm of precipitation. May is the hottest month with an average temperature of 29.9 °C. The temperature decreases to the minimum in the month of January, averaging 23.5 °C. The level of precipitation also differs by about 965 mm during the wettest and driest months. The variation in the temperature all round the year is 6.4 °C.

Population of Uran

The town of Uran is growing very extensively. And as per the reports of India census 2011, the total population of Uran increased from 23,254 to 30,439. The sex ratio of the town is 53% males and 47% females. Uran has a population of 10 - 11% under the age of 6 years. According to the census survey, the average literacy rate of Uran was 79% in 2001 which increased to 82% in 2011.

Economy of Uran

Skols Brewery in UranFishing is the main occupation in Uran as 80% of the fish production of the city of Mumbai are been supplied from the fishermen who are based in Uran town. The villages that are popular for fishing are Karanja and Mora. While farming is the second major occupation of the residents in Uran. The town is a major contributor in the production of rice in the district of Raigad. Also, Raigad is known to be the second largest rice producer of the nation. The major economic components of Uran also include shipbuilding, shipping and port support. Jawaharhal Nehru Port (JNP) is India’s largest container terminal. There are many other container terminals in Uran as well, few of them are APM Terminals (earlier GTI), DP World (earlier British Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company). Though the salt pan owners were against the construction of a seas port but now it serves as the prime source of income to the locals and people of the nearby villages. Few warehouses and new projects have also come up in the nearby areas. The Indian Navy also has a naval base in Mora. It has been claimed by the local folks that the base of the Indian navy has restrained the growth of the town. The Indian Navy has imposed restrictions on sea travel due to security purpose. The famous oil industry of India Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) also has a plant close to Uran. The first power plant of Asia which is run by natural gas, GTPS - MSEB is also based in Uran. The other manufacturing and Industrial employers in Uran are Grindwell Norton Limited, Skols Brewery and NAD. Uran also has massive salt pans which is a part of salt manufacturing network bordering Mumbai.

Culture of Uran

Almost all the major Hindu festivals are celebrated in Uran. However, the main festival in Uran is Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated with great zeal, enthusiasm and pomp. Many cultural and community activities are been culminated to celebrate this festival and the immersion of the idols of Lord Ganesh. Uttarayan, popularly known as the Kite Festival is another most important festival celebrated in Uran. There are many Hindu temples in Uran and they host many fairs and festivals annually. The most popular ones are listed here

RatneshwarTemple organizes a huge fair annually, usually in the month of April and May. They celebrate the blessings of Goddess Ratneshwari during the fair.

Shri Dutta Temple celebrates the birth of Lord Dutta through an annual fair. They celebrate on the occasion of Dutta Jayanti. It is one amongst the biggest fairs in the town.

Shree Ragobha Temple hosts an Aarti (Prayer) inside the temple every Tuesday. Also, the temple celebrates an annual dance festival known as Palkhi Dance in April for the blessings of Rogobha Dev.

Bole Narth Temple celebrates a very large fair every year.

Radhakrishna Temple in Sarda village celebrates a grand fair on the occasion of Shree Krishna Jayanti. The temple also celebrates on Palakhi occasion.

Datta Jayanti Celebration in Uran

Tourist Spots in Uran

Located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, Uran is a beach town that serves as a delight to beach lovers. Uran is an unexplored island where you can spend a quiet vacation away from the hustle - bustle of the city life. It is a fishing village where you can hear only nature.

Dronagiri Temple

Dronagiri Temple in UranYou can enjoy a full panoramic view of the Dharantar Creek from Colaba to Mandva from this hill. The area of Dronagiri can also be seen from the temple.

Ratneshwari Temple

The temple is popular for the annual fair celebrated in the month of April and May.

Vinayak Temple

It is a very old temple which still maintains the simplicity of the ancient age. The surrounding of the temple is very calm, that includes an old well, small garden and a small lake.

Mankeshwar Temple

The temple has been renovated completely. It is a very old temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated only 5 minutes away from the beach.

Shri Dutta Mandir

This temple is believed and worshipped by many devotees. Shri Dutta temple which is dedicated to Lord Dutta celebrates an annual fair on the occasion of Dutta Jayanti. It is a festival for the birth of Lord Dutta. This fair is one of the biggest fair in Uran.

Saibaba Temple

Saibaba temple is a very small temple but is famous for the beautiful idol of Shri Sai Baba inside the temple. It is located behind the Mora boat jetty.

Shree Ragobha Mandir

It is located on Uran - Panvel Highway, in Kotnaka village. Every tuesdya there is an Aarti (Prayer) in the temple.

Maha Ganpati Temple

Located in Chirner village, Maha Ganpati Temple is also a famous religious and tourist attraction in Uran.

Shree Saibaba Temple

The popular Shree Saibaba Temple in Uran is located along the Pirwadi Sea Shore. It is from this place that Padyatra Dindi to Shirdi is started every year. It is an initiative taken by Om Shree Sairam Padayatra Mandal.

Bhole Nath Temple

Bhole Nath Temple in Khopate village celebrates a grand festival every year with great pleasure.

Ganesh / Vinayak Temple

Ganesh Temple or more commonly known among the locals as the Vinayak Temple is one of the most popular religious attraction of the town whose history can be dated back to 100 years. It is located in Kegaon.
Ganesh or Vinayak Mandir in Uran

Ekvira Temple

This temple was been established by the Pandavas around 100 years back and is situated in Mora.

Bahiridev Temple

It is a part of Creek of Sarde which is a branch of Patalganga Creek. The temple is Gramdaiwat of all Sarde village.

Radhakrishna Temple

The temple is located at Sarde Village hill where a grand festival is celebrated every year on the day of Shree Krishna Jayanti. Palakhi occasion is also celebrated with great zeal.

Shree Hanuman Mandir

Located at Hanuman Ali, the temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Other Tourist Attractions in Uran

Uran town is popularly a beach town with beautiful surroundings and landscapes. The roads are lined by greenery and give a very serene experience.

Pirwadi Beach

Pirwadi Beach is visited by tourists from nearby regions like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Panvel. Tourists can sit here and relax and enjoy a distant view of South Mumbai from here.

Pirwadi Beach in Uran

Ransai Dam

Located near Dighode village, Ransai Dam is a beautiful tourist destination in Uran.

Dronagiri Fort

It is an old military fort located near the ONGC Plant at the top of the Dronagiri Mountain. As per the tales of the locals, it was a Maratha Fort for a brief period of time and then passed into the possession of the Portuguese. Tourists are not allowed to enter the fort these days because of security reasons.

Hotels in Uran

There are many hotels in Uran which will definitely not burn a hole into your pocket. There are budget hotels and resorts. Hence, you will have the option to choose from.

Hotel Uran Plaza

Hotel Uran Plaza
Address: Uran, Raigad District,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400702
Contact Number: 022 - 27222317 / 18
Contact Email: hoteluranplaza@gmail.com

Krishna Resort
Address: Bokad Vira Village,
Panvel Uran Road,Uran, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400702
Contact Number: 022 - 38568719

Anandi Hotel
Address: Uran Panvel Road,
Uran, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400702

Ritzweb Hotel
Address: Bokadvira Village,
Uran, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400702
Contact Number: 09768886561 (Mobile)

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Uran all round the year except the monsoon season. The monsoon remains in the month of July and August where there is excessive rainfall and hence you will not be able to enjoy the sights.
Tips to Travelers: Beach wear is a must as Uran is a beach town. Few other things which are very important to carry are sun screen lotion, sun shades and a hat. Also, don’t forget to carry a mosquito repellent as you will find many mosquitoes in the place during the evenings.

How to Reach Uran

By Air
The nearest airport terminals from Uran are mentioned below

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - 27 km
Lohegaon Airport - 121 km
Gandhinagar Airport - 169 km
Chikkalthana Airport - 313 km

By Rail
The nearest railway station from Uran is located at a distance of 10 km. However, the nearest major airport is Mumbai Central Railway Station which lies at a distance of 18 km from Uran. The other nearby airports are listed below

Bombay Church Gate Railway Station - 14 km
Bombay Masjid Railway Station - 14 km
Bombay Dockyard Road Railway Station - 15 km

By Road
There are proper system of road connectivity to Uran from the nearby cities and villages.

Distance from Uran to Nearby Cities

Uran Town

The beach town of Uran is surrounded by many popular towns of Maharashtra state. Traveling to any particular city or town, whether small or big becomes much convenient if you know the surrounding locations and cities. The list has been summarized along with the distances.

Mumbai to Uran - 46.9 km
Panvel to Uran - 29.3 km
Pen to Uran - 36 km
Alibag to Uran - 60.7 km
Thane to Uran - 50.8 km
Revadanda to Uran - 74 km
Matheran to Uran - 75.8 km
Karjat to Uran - 56.5 km
Khopoli to Uran - 63.3 km
Ambernath to Uran - 58.6 km
Nagothane to Uran - 58.3 km
Neral to Uran - 67.7 km
Ulhasnagar to Uran - 60.3 km
Badlapur to Uran - 63.7 km
Kalyan to Uran - 59.6 km

Emergency Services in Uran

Emergency contact numbers help you in those situations, incidents and moments when you need to take immediate action. Hence, the government has come up with few emergency services in Uran for the layman’s access. Here is a summarized list of the emergency services in Uran which will be of your help
Uran Police in Duty

Uran Police Station

The police in Uran is responsible to provide a fear free environment to the residents of the town as well as the visitors. They always ensure that the rule of law is been implicated. They put in their best services to detect crimes and prevent crimes. They work towards achieving harmony and peace in different sections of people in Uran.

Address: Santa Jog Marg,
Uran, Raigad District,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400702

Contact Number: 022 - 27222366

Important Police Official Contact Numbers in Uran

Commissioner of Police: 022 - 27572209
DY. Commissioner of Police (HQ): 022 - 27574477
DY. Commissioner of Police (ZONE I): 022 - 27657465
DY. Commissioner of Police (ZONE II): 022 - 27657465
DY. Commissioner of Police (Crime): 022 – 27561129
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Admin): 022 - 27576287
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime): 022 - 27576284

Fire Services in Uran

Address: Uran, Raigad District,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400702

Contact Number: 022 - 27245000, 27245100

Lifestyle in Uran

The lifestyle of the residents in Uran is not quite modernized yet. Their lives are still not influenced by the changes in fashion, latest trends etc. The locals of Uran follow the ancient style of living and culture. Thus, there are not many options for spa centers, gyms, boutiques.

Beauty Parlors in Uran

The town of town has only one Beauty Parlor where the locals visit for their beauty needs. The details are summarized below

Avanti’s Beauty Parlor
Address: Shree Krishna Apartment,
Gala No. 2, Behind Raigad Kshetra, Bazar Peth,
Near Citizen School, Uran, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400702
Contact Number: 09833495942, 09323162002

Uran at a Glance

District: Raigad
State: Maharashtra
Region: Konkan
Division: Konkan
Official Language: Marathi & Hindi
Demonym: Urankar
Elevation: 69 feet above sea level
STD Code: 0215
Pin code: 400702
Vehicle Registration: MH-46 & MH-43

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